As a Certified Commercial Inspector I am able to inspect any commercial building.  

Commercial Inspections completed include:
1. Strip malls 

2. Office Buildings

3. 30 unit apartment buildings

4. Gas stations

5. Convenience stores/Liquor stores

6. Restaurants

Assured Building Analysis can take care of all your inspection needs.  The inspection teams will vary with your needs.  Typical teams are:

1. Single inspector trained and certified by the national commercial inspection training center following the ISTM Standards.

2. Inspector and Structural Engineer for concrete buildings over 3 floors or for buildings that may need major repairs to the structure.

3. Inspector and HVAC specialist if you have specific heating, ventilation or air conditioning concerns.

4. Inspector and Master Electrician if you have considerable electrical concerns that may require a thorough examination of all electrical circuits.

5. Inspector and Phase One or Phase Two Environmental Inspections.  If your building falls into the category of a possible environmental waste site, the you may need a Phase One or Phase Two inspector.  

6. Depending on the building we may need one or all of the specialists.  We will determine your needs and assemble the team to fit your needs.