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Since 1997


Certified Home Air Check Professional


Certified Home Inspector

303 933-1165

HUD Certified Lead Paint Inspector

Radon-In-Air Lab

Trained Sewer Camera Technician



Licensed Real Estate Broker 
(Just for knowledge does
not sell Real Estate.)

Certified Commercial Building Inspector


Grew up in Northlake, IL, lived in Lake Geneva, WI and moved to Colorado in 1980 (Still have Green Bay Packers in my system, but I have been taking Broncos medication)

Education: Triton Jr. College, Western Illinois University and University of Colorado

Degrees in: Computer Science, Commercial Recreation, and Business Administration

Work Experience:

Director of Recreation for Playboy Resorts (Wasn’t that a great title?) The Playboy Resorts had downhill skiing, cross country skiing, trap & skeet, two 18 hole golf courses, boat rentals, health clubs, swimming pools, boat rentals and stables. (Yes, it was tough, but someone had to do it)

A Fortune 500 company manager for 17 years
Ran western U.S. operations with 500 employees in 29 states (From Wisconsin to Alaska and Mississippi to California). Started two divisions and literally wrote the management handbook for the company. Grew divisions from $3 million to $70 million in revenue.

Elected to the Board of Directors of a Trust Fund 
The board oversaw the structural integrity of 125 homes in an expansive soils area. We moved 7 homes off their foundation, removed and replaced the foundations and moved the homes back. We also did work on 100 other homes within the trust.

Assured Home Inspections founder
After serving on the trust fund board for 10 years (2 as Chairman) I earned my Colorado Real Estate Broker license and attended a home inspector training school in Wisconsin. The experience on the trust fund board prepared me for the Colorado soil and building conditions.

I went through the process of selling a home in order to gain the knowledge and experience, but I do not sell real estate. After the first 1,000 inspections it got easier, but not quicker (There are about 600 points to check on an average house).

Other Experience: Father of two girls, Father-in-Law of a Master Electrician, husband of a counselor and personal trainer (same person), nationally certified wilderness guide (Paul Petzoldt trained me himself), skier, biker and hiker. Worked by my father’s side (in 7th grade) as he built his addition. Remodeled an 1865 cottage on a WI lake (my first house). I did a lot of building work for friends (It was great to make a mess and go home). Construction has always been a stress reliever for me.


The resort experience gave me experience with all types of customers. The Fortune 500 experience allowed me to start my own business and the management and marketing ability to make it a success. The trust fund enabled me to work with engineers and contractors as we found solutions to expansive soil conditions. The construction experience allowed me to make a lot of mistakes that I now look for when doing inspections. My family allows me to keep my sense of humor. My entire list of life experiences all come together at one point in time; YOUR HOME INSPECTION. My goal is simple: I want your home inspection, and our time together, to be listed as a positive on your list of life experiences. So quit reading and call me already! 

Bob Petzold - 303 933-1165. 

Certified Graduate of the American Home Inspectors Training Institute

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