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Ventolin is used for treating or preventing breathing problems in patients who have asthma or certain other airway diseases.

Ventolin cost australia 3,000, the first drug from research lab to be approved for use in Australia and New Zealand. But it is less than half a dozen other compounds tested in clinical trials since 2000. The research, which involves looking at the effects of inhaling marijuana extracts on human cells, is a crucial step in medical research and is expected to have huge implications for the cannabis industry and other drugs at pharmaceutical companies around the world. Prof Anthony Shiffer from the John Radcliffe Hospital, in Oxford, said the breakthrough compound had potential to be used in hundreds of research projects that also treated serious illnesses like multiple sclerosis or HIV. He said his group started looking at cannabinoids before they were used for anything else, but now they could become part of thousands clinical trials. "We have gone from a new, untested chemical to several dozens that are used in scientific tests for diseases," he said. About a million Australians will use cannabis, including about ventolin cost ireland a million medical users and 600,000 regular users, according to the government. In August, the government approved a trial by the Medicines Australia agency to trial the medicinal uses of cannabis oils. The products will be supplied to children with treatment-resistant epilepsy or those glaucoma. The trial will include 20 children aged between two and nine years, to see whether the drugs work better when children are placed on a strict diet and are confined to their rooms for up 11 hours a day. "We do hope to see significant treatment effects for children," said Professor Shiffer. The scientists also hope to find out whether cannabidiol – or CBD extracted from the cannabis plant could help to speed up the pace of cell growth in cancer patients who have failed other chemotherapy drugs. Prof Shiffer said the new compound was a big advance because it could work on people with no history of previous cancer treatment. The scientists would now need approval from the government so that it could seek patents to claim a substantial commercial advance. Medical marijuana use has been expanded widely in the US, where it is legal in 23 states. About 9 million Americans have tried cannabis, according to the US National Institute on Drug Abuse. Australian marijuana use has been steadily growing since being decriminalised in 1999. Under the current model, a person can legally buy up to 30 grams of dried cannabis leaf, up to two plants in a private home and up to one-third of a cannabis plant on commercial scale. Topics: drug-use, community-and-society, health, australia First posted This paper examines possible relationships between the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (CO 2 ) and climate change. Using the instrumental surface air temperature record (START II, 1961–1990) for the mid‐latitudes of North America, Europe, New Zealand, and Asia, we show how variations in the longwave radiation of Sun, solar insolation, the amount and distribution of clouds water vapor, seasonal variations in Earth's surface albedo, and volcanic eruptions can influence the climate on regional and global scales. Our results show that the rate of warming is primarily determined by changes in cloud cover. For both hemispheres, the increased cloud cover that follows.

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